MonsterSex Art - Evil monsters having their with beautiful women.

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"These are galleries of pure, monster horror! Girls eaten, swallowed or ravished by hungry, horny monsters. Tentacles, demons, orks, aliens, dragons all enjoying succulent, beautiful nymphs."

BLOG:Please check out and bookmark my blog: Templar's Sites for updates on my sites and to check the status of any server outages.

RULES: No one under 18, photos, photos placed in art, depictions of real people or art that is not your own. Please keep the subject matter to the description above. Size: MINIMUM 600 px on each side, do not post thumbs with links to larger pics. MAX 4,000 px x 4,000 px, 20MB.

The Monster social networking site is the social networking support site for the MonsterSexNet Gallery. Here you can chat with other artists on the forum or even open direct chat requests. You'll have an extensive profile as well as a chance to add photos, videos a blog and more.

Your uploaded images must be .jpg, may not be larger than either 4000 pixels high or 4000 pixels wide and no larger than 2048K total size. IMPORTANT: Your uploads will be posted Last In, First Out so if you want to post 1.jpg, then 2.jpg then 3.jpg you should upload 3.jpg then 2.jpg then 1.jpg.

Titles, Keywords etc
Please make sure to include descriptive titles, keywords and captions. Instead of 'Pic 2 of 5' please use something like 'Belinda the Amazon page 3'. Please use the keywords option and be descriptive in your caption that way search engines will have a better chance of finding your image.

3D: Minimum Quality
The audience of SexyAmazons is pretty tolerant of beginners and amateurs but they expect artists to put some effort into their art before posting their pics. Realize that 99% of 3D artists have nothing to worry about.

  • Background. Absolutley no Poser, default beige background. Most pics require a background of some kind. A really GOOD, detailed 3D pic can get away with a single (non-beige) color, but a simple pic with no background is likely to get deleted.
  • Maximum 3 camera angles of each Unchanging scene This means that several renders are taken of the same scene from different camera angles. 3 Renders for any one, non-changing scene should be more than enough. Note that I'm not talking about props and background which will likely stay unchanged while characters move through them.
  • More than just a naked chick. I'm not exactly sure how to phrase it but please don't just pop out your 3D program, render a naked V4 in 20 canned poses and expect to post them. If you did a lot of work on a character, adding clothes, weapons, armor whatever then a couple poses would be okay - just remember to stick to the subject of "Fighting women in combat or in peril".

If you're having trouble here at all, contact me at templarart at gmail dot com.

Hearty appreciation to all those who joined and posted pics!

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